How Does It Feel To Be A Software Engineer? Chris Mauzy Striking Real “Points”.. — June 11, 2015

How Does It Feel To Be A Software Engineer? Chris Mauzy Striking Real “Points”..

Creative thinking!! Does your boss value you??

When you are being selected as a “software engineer” or going into the fresher level, “Associate or trainee engineer”, do you immediately jump into the company, considering its high reputation or based on your neighbors “chit-chats”? Then it would not be wrong to spit the truth “you will be made to work like a horse in the company; the employers do not want your creative mind to be put under constant exercise nor do they consider it for implementation. What exactly happens is: A project manager would develop an idea, a web designer would make the site intuitive as well as visually appealing and it is the role of the engineer to build it. No, other questions, they have to build the design as per the plan and the client requirements.  Speaking about engineering, it would be really interesting if you hold a talk with one of the professional and experienced software engineer, who, by, hard work and self-determination is no longer a “short order cook”, but a real expert, Chris Mauzy.

I am a creator, rather than a builder.. – The Technical move

Chris is working in one of the reputed companies, Second Time Around as a software engineer. When he completed his graduation, he was laid with a number of career options and that too from the top-rated software companies. But he was not satisfied with the interview panel; his ability was being put into test, but his creativeness did not have any role in the premier selection tests. Finally, he entered into his dream job which did not earn him “full pocket”, but the comfortability level was high in the graph. According to his viewpoint, software engineers are not code-bugs, who worked on the existing ones and with simple manipulations, produced the desired product. They are experimenters, creators who could convert a “blank canvas into a real and unique masterpiece”.

I am not grumpy, but I pass “meaningful” suggestions – The psychological move

The usual reputation of software engineers is that they are arrogant, they always say a heavy and grumpy “No”, not to mention about the high-temperament at the crucial stages. If you think all these aspects from the negative side, then you would not feel any difference.  Chris speaks, considering the psychological and mental aspect: They seem to be arrogant and grumpy, because they are not provided with the right opportunity to display their skills, to give their viewpoints and suggestions. They find their BP to be rising as towards the end and crucial stages of software development, one expects the last person to complete the project and he is the victim of the errors, too.

So, what exactly is Chris pointing to: It is not that software engineers are suffering nor they grumble for unwanted matters, but they must also become a part of the whole team. A project manager or a web developer must surely have some “gaps” to be filled in their  plans or strategies, why don’t they give a considerable time and propose the plan to a SE?

Significance of software engineering —