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Managing the long line of software engineers – Chris Mauzy suggestions —

Managing the long line of software engineers – Chris Mauzy suggestions

Software engineering is a totally different world


Why software engineers consider themselves to be unique and different from other professionals? This is because they believe that they are the most intelligent group who has the capability to create, design and develop products, which is the starting point for any profession. Each programmer in the group tries to come out with innovative ideas, each tester tries to solve a bug and create an easy solution to come out of it. Thinking “innovative and creative” is the mantra of being a software engineer.

According to Chris Mauzy, who is a real software engineer and has had years of experience in handling a group of them, believes that managing the group is one of the hardest things that he has done in his life. When he started his career as an associate software engineer, he had to look upon his senior for implementing his ideas and when Chris went to the senior level, he had to deal with the complexities presented by his junior group. There are many other reasons of why software engineers are considered to be different and special.

Many a times, a leaf node worker would have the ability to bring out the right solution of any problem and the manager, who have years of experience in the field would get “stuck”. Sometimes, the technical skills of him would not be “up-to-the-mark” or updated so as to match with his co-worker, This gain becomes the reason for creating an ego factor among the employees.

The promotion levels of the software engineers are also different; these panels of software programmers cannot be directly pushed into the management level. The technical skills of a person cannot be used as a weighing measure for converting their role into a manager. He may be good in programming, but can also act as a complete loser in the management field. It becomes difficult to analyze the skills of a product, unless it is released in the market. The product may be complex and beautiful for the architects, but the acceptance levels of the public is what defines the existence of the software engineer in the company. There are many things which have to take place in the engineering level, in addition to the extra research and development works.

Ideas which have to be picked from the outside world

  • A manager must do his duties, while those in the engineer background must concentrate upon his activities

The former would not know how difficult the project is, unless he has an engineering background, while the latter must establish his work. He must be given appreciation for his work, rather than strongly criticizing him.

  • A performance record must be shown to each and every employee, so as to get the right consequences on their hand

You must provide inspiration to the software engineers and must constantly remind them of the results, that they would get after the completion of the particular project. Do not categorize the groups as different; each and every employee has the right to get appreciation from the seniors.


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